Copper Flashing for Oak Park Slate Roof

Copper Flashing

Copper use by man is traceable back about 60 centuries.

Here is a fun fact: Did you know the Romans are known to have begun the art of working with it?

Copper roofing goes hand in hand with tile and slate roofing due to its long service life. At Ryan Restorations, we use traditional folding and forming techniques in conjunction with centuries old installation practices to provide the highest quality copper roofing available.

First let us introduce you to our services by showing this beautiful new Oak Park Victorian Home with new Slate and Copper Roof. It has a rich history and we encourage you to see the entire story along with project video.

Traditional copper roofing adds elegance, longevity and value to the project. There is no finer roofing material available. And with proper installation, it can last a lifetime.  This next project is as unique as it can come.  Come check out the only 100% new Evanston Copper Roof.

Evanston new entire copper roof

Evanston home gets new entire copper roof

Copper roofing is most common for interlocking panel flat roofs with soldered seams. This style of copper roofing can conform to many shapes and sizes as required.

Copper bay window tops, copper dormer tops, copper pockets, copper valleys, copper wall flashings, copper chimney flashings, copper finials and copper crestings are a sampling of the copper roofing options available to Northern Illinois homeowners and commercial clients.

Copper gutters and copper downspouts are also common with slate and tile roofing. The copper gutters can be half round, box style, or even custom fabricated to match historic profiles.

Copper Roof with Standing Seam with Swoop in Northern IL

Standing Seam with Swoop for Copper Roof

The picture above is a copper standing seam roof with a curvature that ties into a copper flat roof.  This roof was replaced due to its age of approx 80 years. It had developed leaks at various junctions. This roof also ties into a clay tile roof that is not pictured. We removed the old copper roof, repaired the rotted wood work, applied one layer of Grace Ice and Water Shield, two layers of 30# tar paper, one layer of rosin paper (slip sheet) and then started the copper roof assembly. The standing seam was hand formed on site to custom fit the curvature of the roof, and the interlocking copper flat roof is attached with copper clips and fitted together. Seams are flattened with a mallet and then sweat soldered together. This will be good for another 80 plus years.

The following Copper Roof restoration in Evanston demonstrates how much experience and art this roofing specialty is.

Ryan Restorations for Cooper & Slate Roof in Evanston

Our company truck from the roof top

Copper Clad Chimney for Ludowici Spanish Roof

Copper Clad Chimney for Ludowici Spanish Roof

The next picture is actually one the owner of Ryan Restorations did on his own garage. He had a natural gas furnace installed and needed a vent through the roof for the exhaust. The owner designed a wood structure to enclose the vent pipe and then fabricated sheet copper to fit.  There is a fabricated copper chimney cap for the top. There is a saddle feature on the back side to divert water away from the chimney. It also required custom tile roof flashings. And we had to tie this chimney into the Ludowici, Spanish style tile roof on the garage.

Copper Roof with Standing Seam with Swoop in Burr Ridge IL

Standing Seam with Swoop for Copper Roof

In the next picture is a Copper inter-locking, soldered flat roof with integrated box and built in gutter system. We did this job in Burr Ridge, IL. This roof is on an addition to a home in The Burr Ridge Club. The addition is only five years old and the original copper roof was failing and had to be replaced. The original installer unfortunately used too large of roof panels for the installation in order to save money, as fewer seams means less soldering to do. The larger panels expand and contract more, so the solder seams were all cracking.

Additionally the tie-in to the original home was quite poor and the built in gutter drained the wrong way. The amount of water under this roof was quite massive. There was a lot to fix on this one.  About a third of our work was redoing recent work improperly done.

Copper Roof Standing Curvature Burr Ridge IL

Standing Seam Curvature for Copper Roof

Similar to the above picture, in the next picture we once again were called in to replace a relatively new copper roof that was poorly installed.  The homeowner reported massive leaks under this few years old copper roof. Upon inspection, it was noted that various seams were improperly installed along with the wall flashings.  We removed the old roof and found lots of moisture under the roof.


We installed Grace Ice and Water Shield, 30# tar paper, rosin paper (slip sheet) and then custom fabricated the standing seam roof to fit the curvature. The wall flashing was also custom fabricated on site. Unfortunately this homeowner had to pay twice to obtain the proper copper roofing job.

Copper Roof with Standing Seam with Double Lock

Standing Seam with Double Lock for Copper Roof

And in this next picture is a copper roof that was a new construction job. This customer was actually a roofing contractor himself who installs shingle roofs after hail storms damage them. The dormer tops were done in copper double lock standing seam. The rest of the roof was shingled. The copper roof areas will outlast the next five or six shingle roofs this building will need over time.

Contact us for more details and to schedule a consultation for copper roofing in the Northern Illinois area.