Hail Damage Roof Inspection for Copper
Evanston Copper Roof inspected after Hail Storm Damage.

Evanston Slate, Tile and Copper roofs are the finest roofs in the world and have been installed on homes in the area for many centuries. A hail storm can severely damage or reduce the service life of a roofing system. Unfortunately, there was a massive hailstorm in Evanston that has caused severe roofing damage to many of the homes in the area. There will be many people and companies that will attempt to address these challenges, whether that means fixing or replacing the roofs. We want to take this opportunity to educate you and consider why we want to be the locally owned roofing specialist you should want to work with.

The images above and a few that follow are examples you may see on any roof of one your Evanston neighbors. While this specific page will discuss the roofing problems that occurred as a result of the Hail Storm, we would like to share that we installed this new Evanston Historic Copper Roof not too long ago. Our point is, Ryan Restorations was in Evanston long before the storm and will be here long after the storm too. 

Evanston is one of the main towns we operate in, and we are second to none as an owner-operated local specialist in Slate Roofing, Tile Roofing, and Copper Roofing.

Going back to the first damaged copper roof above, it shows an example of the impact from hail damage. The picture that follows is an extreme close up, just a dimple in the gutter. That will not leak. This is for showing what an untrained eye would miss. It is to know the full story to catch the cosmetic issues and the damaging issues.

Copper Roof Damage from Hail Storm
Evanston Copper Roof shows impact damage from Hail Storm.

You need a storm and hail damage roofing expert to be guided through the physical items plus the insurance items. There have been times where the insurance company is coaching you to do something, but at a chance, it is not to your benefit. The insurance company may make a particular answer sound good, faster, or less expensive, but there are many agents who simply may not be qualified to address your long term interests.

Of course there are times where it doesn’t take much to realize how bad a storm was as shown in the next images where the missing sections and pieces of the tile roofing are more than obvious.

Copper Roof Gutter Damage from Hail Storm
Copper Gutter from roof damaged in Evanston.
Copper Roof in Evanston Damaged from Hail Storm
90 year old Patina Green Copper Roof damaged in Evanston

Every piece of copper is damaged on this next roof and a lot of tiles are damaged too.  This same roof can be found at the bottom here where it says “New Tile Roof with Copper Valley, Gutter and Snow Guards”.

Hail Damage Roof Inspection Copper Valley
Copper damaged along with the rest of roof

We are specialists in this type of copper roofing, and here we show the Dormer Barrel Top damaged. This too was part of a new roof we previously installed.

Copper Roof Dormer Barrel Top Damaged
Roof Dormer Barrel Top Damaged

Often difficult to detect, we understand that you and possibly your insurance adjuster may focus on the more obvious roof damage. But it is important to document when we see fresh pitting, chips and cracks in the brickwork, especially when it helps validate recent hail damage. If any of these signs are present just after a hail storm, take photos of the brick damage and the chips. In addition, keep any reports detailing the storm (such as the newscast link at the start of this page) that may help document your insurance claim. Sometimes the impacts are impossible to miss, heavily amplify the sheer severity of the storm, allowing no room for denial.

Hail Damage Collateral Damage on Roof
Collateral Damage on the chimney brick.

Look at the above to realize how the hail came down so strong. More than one person may be required to visit and see your roof after a Hail Storm. And while Ryan Restorations is not an insurance specialist, as an added service we are able to help navigate the various issues that the adjuster and the insurance company will be negotiating. We operate as your own personal Roofing Intermediary.

Do not let anyone make a judgment from the ground or even by drone. Of course there are certain things that can be spotted, but for what it is at stake, ensure to get someone on a ladder and check it out!

Hail Damage Roof Inspection for Tile Slate and Copper
Your Evanston Roof needs a trained eye for inspection.

We encourage you to look at our Copper Roofing portfolio to see our extensive experience in this area.

Copper Roofing Portfolio
Copper Roofing Portfolio

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