Apprentices & Veterans for Specialty Roofing Career

Ryan Restorations is unique because we have specialized in the historic restoration of slate, tile and copper roofing systems since 1999. We also fabricate a wide range of architectural copper ornaments, including finials, dormers, vents, crestings and other decorative roofing elements for historical restoration projects. 

We are looking to build a solid team of career oriented individuals, including veterans and apprentices.   And it is our desire to pass along this valuable trade knowledge on to deserving individuals.

In thisRoofer Veterans Jobs in Illinois picture we are working on a slate roof restoration.  We are behind a chimney and review the copper pocket details and how they would be best completed.






Roofing Apprentice Careers in Illinois

Here we are about to install a copper cap on the wood detail. We are teaching an apprentice how the slate, copper and wood junction should meet to provide a water proof junction.






There is no book that you can read to learn this specialty craft.  Training is ongoing and always done in a positive manner.

You will learn the very best way to restore historic roofs. Imagine learning how to install a 100 year old roof while also starting out with a respectable wage, enjoying zero deductible health care from the best provider, and paid holidays and vacation time. We want you to lose the term journey person and replace it with master craftsman.

With the advanced age of slate and tile roofs, most being installed prior to 1940, the demand for repair and replacement work will only be increasing. This means job security.

The goal of the training is to create new foreman quality people with strong problem solving skills.

A person can earn equal to and more than people you know that went to college, and with no student loan debt.  For the right person there really is no limit to the financial rewards that can be achieved.

Veterans are strongly encouraged to apply and will be paid a premium.

Ryan Restorations has a fantastic apprenticeship program to teach you the highly specialized business of Tile, Slate and Copper Roofing.  As an apprentice, you learn the craft by training on the job under excellent supervision and by studying technical subjects related to the roofing trade.

The goal is an apprentice to learn all the practical and technical aspects of the work so you become ready to not be supervised anymore. Of course you may still be working on many jobs with our team but you will not be watched over anymore, and that is where your experience leads you to growing with us and the industry.

You earn while you learn the trade.

The cool thing is you are going to work on some of the most beautiful roofs imaginable.

Learn more about how we got started in the business and then apply here.

Please complete all items on the application, even if the information is included on your resume or other document submitted by you. If the above information is filled out, a resume is not required.