Evanston new Ludowici tile roof
Evanston Lakeshore Historic District home gets new Ludowici tile roof

Tile roofing is a complex form of craftsmanship that most people may not know about.  You don’t just want to go up on a roof and hurriedly put it all together. Tile roofing requires special skills, knowledge and craftsmanship to install a 100 year roof.

Here is a fun fact: Did you know tile roofing has been around for centuries? However, the early settlers from Europe are responsible for tile roofing in America.

This project shown just above is a New Ludowici Tile Roof for a beautiful home in the Lakeshore Historic District. The project just below is another New Ludowici French Style Tile Roof we completed.

Evanston new Ludowici French Style Tile Roof
Evanston home gets new Ludowici French style tile roof

This next project we completed is an Evanston Ludowici Tile Roof in Spanish Style.

Evanston new Ludowici Spanish Style Tile Roof
Evanston home gets new Ludowici Spanish style tile roof

With the popularity of architecture in the mid 1800s, especially in the Chicago area, there became various types to tile roofing available. They can be grouped into four main types :

  1. One piece barrel that are known also as Spanish or S Tile
  2. Two piece barrel that are known also as Mission or Pan & Cover Tile
  3. Flat shingles that are flat and have small exposures in various styles of finish, such as rough, smooth and warped
  4. Interlocking shingles that have side interlocks and offered in various sizes and textures

Most tile roofs are made from clay and fired in a kiln to strengthen them. There were tile production plants around large clay deposits at the turn of the century. A small number of tile roofs are made from concrete and have color added to the mix. All tile roofs have unique, enduring beauty along with historic value. The roof often defines the character of the building on which it rests.

Spanish Roof Tile Restoration Rockford IL
Ludowici Glazed Green Spanish Style Tile Roof
Spanish Tile Roof Replacement in Northern IL
Ludowici glazed green Spanish style tile roof in progress

The picture above shows a job we completed with a Ludowici glazed green Spanish style tile roof. We completely removed the tiles and underlayments and replaced with the highest quality underlayments available. The next step was to lay out the entire roof surface with chalk lines running vertically and horizontally prior to any tile being installed. All flashings were replaced using custom copper flashings, and of course we soldered all seams. Tile was then attached using copper roofing nails. This is a true 100 year roof once again and a thing of beauty for all to enjoy! The homeowner had re-roofed only seven years prior to our restoration work. The previous contractor had cut many corners and did not pay attention to the details. The job was completely botched and called for a redo. This is all to common of an occurrence and most people have no idea that they were cheated until the roof leaks.

Shingle Tile Roof Repair in Dixon IL
Ludowici, Brittany Shingle Tile Roof

In this picture is a Ludowici, Brittany shingle tile job we did in Dixon, IL. Ryan Restorations was called upon to perform tile roof maintenance for this customer. This included replacing various broken tiles through the roof. We used a hidden attachment technique for replacement tiles.  We also stock a large variety of historic replacement tiles so we had plenty matching tiles to do the job. During our travels across the roof, we discovered lots of improper previous repair attempts.

This roof is now in good hands and will work to restore properly in the future.

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We recently put on a New Tile Roof in Evanston for a Lake Shore Mansion in the historic district.   We encourage you to check out some of the intricate details of this project.

Evanston New Tile Roof with Copper Valley, Gutter and Snow Guards
New Tile Roof with Copper Valley, Gutter and Snow Guards

Many time Ryan Restoration is called for assistance such as this Spanish Tile Roof Repair as shown next.

Spanish Tile Roof Repair
Roof repair needed from rotted wood
Roof Repair requiring new wood
Roof Repair where new work meets original work
Roof Repair around Dormer
Roof Repair with new Spanish Tile and Copper Dormers