Storm & Hail Damage

Slate Roof Storm Damage Repair Contractor Oak Park ILStorm damage can be hail damage or wind damage, such as a tree falling on a roof during high winds. As we all know too well in the Chicago area, storms are a fact of life.

Hail strikes will reduce the service life of a roofing system, thus it is in the homeowner’s, mortgage holder’s and insurance companies’ best interests to replace it.

When tree limbs fall on slate and tile roofs, there is not only visible damage, but most often non-visible components are damaged as well.

Slate Roof Storm and Hail Damage Repair Hinsdale ILIt is our job to obtain the proper insurance settlements to cover the repairs to tile, slate and copper roofs. This usually means educating the insurance adjusters as to the complex process involved with tile, slate and copper roofing.

The software programs all insurance companies use work well for cookie cutter style homes, but for the detailed, historic style homes, those programs just do not work.

Copper Cornice Storm Damage Repair River Forest ILEstimating the repair costs for tile, slate and copper roofs is part science and part art. The science end is just square footage, linear footage and materials. The insurance companies do OK with, at as it is mostly mathematics.

The art end of things is the labor involved in the entire process. Details take time to reproduce and repair properly. Our years of experience tell us how long things will take. Unfortunately there is no book for the adjusters to refer to here.

Contact us if your roof has been damaged and you are looking for an experienced and professional company to repair it the right way.

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