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Oak Park Slate Copper New Historic Roof Replacement
Front of historic house with new Slate and Copper Roofing

Slate roofs are the finest roofs in the world and have been installed on homes for many centuries. Here is a fun fact:  Did you know the actual material started forming about 500 million years ago at the bottom of ancient seas? Various geologic forces, under great pressure, shaped the base materials onto what we call slate.

We begin introducing you to our services by providing a dedicated page for the image above that shows a beautiful new Oak Park Victorian Home with new Slate and Copper Roof.

This next example of our work is a home that is rich in history and we encourage you to see the entire story along with the project video for this Like In Kind Slate and Copper new roof we completed in Evanston.

Evanston new slate copper roof with lake view
Evanston home gets new slate and copper roof with view of lake

There are many color and size options available. Even different shapes and patterns can be placed into a roof. Slate roofs are quite ingenious in their design, as their individual pieces may be removed, repaired and replaced without having to remove an entire roof to fix a leak.

Life expectation of a Northern Illinois slate roof system is about 80 to 100 years, although at that point the features that are in need of replacement are the copper flashings at various roof junctions. A vast majority of the roof slates are usually in such good condition that they will be reinstalled during a restoration project. We then bring in salvaged replacement slates and mix with the original for a seamless finished look.

Slate roofing requires special skills and specific equipment to restore these shimmering, rock roofs to their original condition. This type of work requires artistry, along with the mechanical skill set to produce the world’s finest roofing system.

In this next picture is a Vermont graduated slate roof, with snow guard and copper gutter installation. We were contacted by the owner of the largest construction company in Chicago. Even with all his industry clout, he did not know who to call for quality work on his weekend home in Wisconsin.  The work here was to replace sections of copper half round, high back gutter, due to ice sliding down the roof in winter months that caused damage. The second portion of work was to install the proper snow guards to prevent future damage. The picture shows the new, heavy duty snow guards we installed. There are two sets of guards due to the extreme slope of the roof.

Graduated Slate Roof in Chicago IL
Vermont graduated slate roof with snow guard and copper gutter installation

Do you remember the 1st time you did anything in your 1st job?  Would you expect it to be so huge where your reputation and finances could all be at risk?  Let us take you through a review of this remarkable new slate tile copper roof where everything was on the line to set the stage for the future success of the new business. In the next picture is North Country Slate (unfading black), copper flashings and crestings. There are also new gutters, vents, finials and pockets. This job was a complete restoration due to baseball size hail strikes. The original slate roof and copper components had massive damage from the hail storm. This home is in a historic district in Dubuque, IA.  It was built in the Romanesque style, quite unusual for a residential home.

North Country Slate Roof
North Country Slate Roof (unfading black), copper flashings and crestings

Coming closer to this area, here we show another New Slate Roof for a home in Evanston, IL.  We had to use Like In Kind Slate in order to ensure the roof maintained its appearance for a Historic District Necessity.   The story is well documented and we encourage you to visit the page to learn more about our specialty.

New Slate Roof in Evanston
New Slate Roof in Evanston Historic District

And here we demonstrate more than a specialty, we show off our business as a form of art with this Slate Siding and Copper Roof for a Garage or Coach House.

Slate Siding for Coach House and Garage
Slate Siding on Garage

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