Ryan Restorations is committed to a large project in Evanston working with Ludowici Flat Slab shingle tiles.  This large project along with a few smaller ones have us scheduling for later in the first quarter and second quarter.

In this particular larger project, we are replacing the entire house roof with new tile.   This is a home that we have worked on in the past for cosmetic improvements and storm damage.

We are excited to discuss working with you, with the understanding that larger projects will definitely not be committed to until we finish with the above.    Sometimes we may be able to address minor topics, but that will be sparingly and most likely will need to be addressed whenever our commitments above are completed.   

Also, it is important to note that we traditionally will review requests on a weekly basis.  Please be patient since our objectives are to first focus on commitments then review potential opportunities.  We appreciate your understanding.

Our availability and response times for new inquiries may come as a disappointment for some, but we hope others will appreciate our loyalty to previous commitments and focusing on a quality result for our specialty service.  This is the cornerstone to our reputation being the best. 

We encourage you to join us in our Facebook posts or come back here for the big updates.  In the meantime, following is how the house looks from above along with the measurements taken.  We will come back soon with interim updates.

Top view of Evanston home before new Tile Slab Roof
Top view of Evanston home before new Roof
Measurements of Evanston home for new Tile Slab Roof
Measurements of Evanston for new Roof