Wilmette Copper Roof Repair

Wilmette Mansion required Roof Repair from Hail Storm

The picture you see on top shows a recent Wilmette Copper Roof we fixed from a leak which we feature on this page. While we were working we realized the homeowner had a bigger issue to address due to damage sustained from a Hail Storm. There is so much to meet the trained eye since from the ground up you would never be able to appreciate the damage. Unfortunately many other roofers who do not specialize in this trade of Copper Roofing, Slate Roofing and Tile Roofing may not notice the subtle repairs and restorations required. It requires a trained eye to spot the damage.

Copper is a soft metal so it can stretch when hit by the impact of hail. This stretching reduces the service life which can take time to develop. Ryan Restorations will help with your proactive corrections before the water comes leaking in.

The picture that follows is an example identifying a damaged area to show to an insurance inspector. We took regular chalk and scrape it on its side.to make it easier for anyone else to identify once we go on the roof. The 755 is simply a marketing to identify the address (and it is not a roofing code for those who are curios).

Wilmette Cooper Roof Hail Damage

Wilmette Cooper Roof shows damage from Hail Storm

And while the above may not look like much, since it highlights a very small area, now look at an expanded view of the roof. You can also see the address marking on the top right. Having a roof inspection is the only way to know this damage existed.

Wilmette Cooper Roof Larger View of Hail Damage

Expanded view of Roof shows damage from Hail Storm

Identifying the hail damage came after Ryan Restorations was on site to fix a leak on another portion of the house. After identifying the issues, the homeowner filed a claim with their insurance company who subsequently sent out someone to inspect the roof and the inspector agreed with our assessment. Then the insurance company sent engineers to support the inspectors analysis, thereby everyone was agreeing with the Ryan Restorations observations.

So now let’s go back to the original reason we showed up to this homeowner’s residence. There were leaks detected inside the home damaging the Ornate Plastering (referred to also as Detail Plastering). Fixing this interior is expensive to fix and requires its own specialty craftsmanship. The first picture that follows shows our finished work. The picture just after it shows how the Copper Panels are interlocked and the little blue arrow shows where there seam was failing. Unfortunately the original roofers that were called in simply caulked it but the leak still continued.

Wilmette Cooper Roof Panels and Wall Flashings

Wilmette Cooper Roof Panels and Wall Flashings

Before Wilmette Cooper Roof Panels and Wall Flashings

Seams failing for previous Cooper Roof Panels and Wall Flashings

The following shows the replacement of Inlaid Gutter and Wall Flashings. This too was near the area of the original problems. The seams were failing here so we replaced it with all new copper. Notice the old copper on the right hand side with the little black mark (probably from caulking). It shows a clear contrast between the older copper and newly installed copper.

And the picture right after shows the before and after Vermont Multi-Colored Slate Roof where we needed to pull up the slate to gain access to the copper flashings.

Before Wilmette Cooper Roof Gutter and Wall Flashings

New Copper Gutter and Wall Flashing for Wilmette Roof

Before Wilmette Cooper Gutter and Vermont Slate Roof

Before New Copper Gutter and Vermont Slate Roof in Wilmette

Wilmette Cooper Gutter and Vermont Slate Roof

New Copper Gutter and Vermont Slate Roof in Wilmette

In the following images are from us taking out the old flashing and then adding new flashings around the original area of the leak. The second one gives a much deeper perspective when the slates are removed and just the tar paper is down. The old flashing needs to be replaced compared to the left side where the new flashing is already completed. We were standing on a copper flat roof portion on top to take the picture. And the last picture in this series has a full view on inspection day along with a review of the Hail Damage we found. Notice the professional roofing trucks on the street too. We couldn’t resist taking a picture with the flag blowing in the wind. Learn more about Ryan Restorations and the owner’s military service to our country here. Our company enjoys the motto of Proudly Served Our Country and now Proudly Serving Our Community.

Wilmette Cooper Flashings for Roof

New Copper Flashing for Wilmette Roof

Wilmette Cooper Flashings for Roof on one side completed

New Copper Flashing completed on one side and still needed for the other side

Wilmette Cooper Flashings & Gutters completed for Roof

Wilmette Copper Flashings and Gutters are completed for inspection day

Ryan Restorations repairing Wilmette Roof

Ryan Restorations trucks outside Wilmette Roof Repair

Seeing the flag waving outside one of our job sites is really a great feeling. But we feel compelled to leave you with one last street view of this Wilmette Roof Repair & Restoration project.

Wilmette Roof Restoration and Repair

Wilmette Mansion required Roof Repair and Restoration

You might see the team of Ryan Restoration downtown at The Chuck Wagon during lunchtime when we are working in Wilmette.
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