New Spherical Copper Roof

New Spherical Copper Roof in Evanston

Copper use by man is traceable back about 60 centuries.

Copper roofing goes hand in hand with tile and slate roofing due to its long service life.  At Ryan Restorations, we use traditional folding and forming techniques in conjunction with centuries old installation practices to provide the highest quality copper roofing available.

Traditional copper roofing adds elegance, longevity and value to the project. There is no finer roofing material available. And with proper installation, it can last a lifetime.

Before we arrived, the old roof was leaking like crazy.  Other roofers attempted to repair it with silicon and roofing tar to try and seal. None of it worked.  Also, when looking at the following image, make note of the Ragged Slate Roof that goes around the sphere since we worked on that too.

Original Spherical Copper Roof

Original Spherical Copper Roof with silicon and tar

This next image allows you to see so much.  The rosin paper acts as a slip sheet so the copper panels do not stick to the tar paper. Each of the panels had to be custom made because of the round spherical form. As they go to the top, the top is narrower than the bottom. We set up a mobile copper shop on the scaffold and then fabricate each panel up there.

Spherical Copper Roof in progress
Spherical Copper Roof in progress

The panels are then connected by copper clips with copper nails. Once two panels are locked together, the seam is pounded flat. Making a rounded sphere requires a lot of effort, including the gutter being shaped too.  The seams are soldered and then standing batons were added for decorative appeal. New copper liner was placed in gutter.

Spherical Copper Roof with Interlocking Panels
Interlocking panels for this roof

While the main focus is the Copper Roofing, we also had to address some of the Slate Roofing restoration too. 80% of the slate was able to be re-used, but 20% was salvaged slate. We then use the existing to then draw the line to cut the replacement slate to match the existing pattern.

Spherical Slate Roofing
Slate Roofing re-used and salvaged

This project along with our extensive roofing portfolio, allows you to appreciate why your neighbors want to have our truck in their front yard when repair or replacing a new slate, copper or tile roof.

Ryan Restoration restores Spherical Copper Roof in Evanston
Specialized Copper Roofing by Ryan Restorations
Ryan Restorations for Cooper & Slate Roof in Evanston
Our company truck from the roof top

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