Evanston IL Slate Tile Copper Roof Hail Damage
An Evanston IL Roof that was damaged in the recent hail storm.

Evanston Slate, Tile and Copper roofs are the finest roofs in the world and have been installed on homes in the area for many centuries. Unfortunately, a hail storm can severely damage or reduce the service life of a roofing system. Unfortunately, there was a massive hailstorm in Evanston that has caused severe roofing damage to many of the homes in the area. There will be many people and companies that will attempt to address these challenges, whether that means fixing or replacing the roofs. We want to take this opportunity to educate you and consider why we want to be the locally owned roofing specialist you should want to work with.

The images above and a few that follow are of the roof of one of your Evanston neighbors. While this specific page will discuss the roofing problems that occurred as a result of the Hail Storm, we would like to share that we installed this new Evanston Tile & Copper Roof not too long ago. Our point is, Ryan Restorations was in Evanston long before the storm and will be heard long after the storm too.

Evanston is one of the main towns we operate in, and we are second to none as an owner-operated local specialist in Slate Roofing, Tile Roofing and Copper Roofing.

Going back to the first damaged roof we are illustrating here, it is made of Flat Slab Clay Tile. Unfortunately, almost every piece of copper is damaged and a lot of tile is damaged too. When looking at the Copper Valley big dings, those are the causes for the stretching of metal and if there was ever to be a leak, this is where it would begin. This roof has substantial damage, so even though it is just one issue, it is tied to all the tile damages.

Evanston IL Tile Copper Roof Hail Damage
Every pice of copper is damaged and a lot of tile is damaged too.
Evanston IL Copper Valley and Tile Roof Hail Damage
Dings in the Copper Valley and Broken Tile from hail damage.
Evanston Roof Damage by Hail creates Copper Valley Ding
The hail damage dings eventually stretches the metal in the Copper Valley

Often difficult to detect, we understand that you and possibly your insurance adjuster may focus on the more obvious roof damage. But it is important to document when we see fresh pitting, chips, and cracks in the brickwork, especially when it helps validate recent hail damage. If any of these signs are present just after a hail storm, take photos of the brick damage and the chips. In addition, keep any reports detailing the storm (such as the newscast link at the start of this page) that may help document your insurance claim. Sometimes the impacts are impossible to miss, heavily amplify the sheer severity of the storm, allowing no room for denial.

Hail Damage Collateral Damage on Roof
Collateral Damage on the chimney brick

Look at the above to realize how the hail came down so strong. More than one person may be required to visit and see your roof after a Hail Storm. Ryan Restorations has been thru the Hail Storm insurance restoration operation many times and will help you navigate thru the large loss claims process.  Even if the insurance company is being unreasonable, we have an action plan for you.

Do not let anyone make a judgement from the ground or even by drone. Of course, there are certain things that can be spotted, but for what it is at stake, ensure to get someone on a ladder and check it out!

Hail Damage Roof Inspection for Tile Slate and Copper
Your Evanston Roof needs a trained eye for inspection.

Of course there will be easy items that are plainly visible like this 90 year old Patina Green. The individual panels are about 13″ tall and 8″ wide and is probably one of the few in Evanston that looks this way. Ask us which house this is when you call.

Hail Damage Roof Inspection for Copper
One of a kind Evanston Copper Roof inspected after Hail Storm Damage.

Here is an example of slate roof with a circular impact from hail damage. It is a future leak waiting to happen. If you do not fix it within a year and a leak occurs, then an insurance company will most likely not help you. You need an expert to be guided through the physical items plus the insurance items. There have been times where the insurance company is coaching you to do something, but at a chance it is not to your benefit. The insurance company may make a particular answer sound good, faster or less expensive, but there are many agents who simply may not be qualified to address your long term interests.

Hail Damage Roof Inspection for Slate
Evanston Slate Roof inspected after Hail Storm Damage.

The Historical Clay Tile in this next hail storm damage photo comes from a company that was started 1888 in Ohio. They are still in business and also have their original machines available. Insurance companies use software that may not adequately represent the true cost to replace an historically correct roof. While roof repairs are possible, there is also other copper damage requiring tiles to be pulled making it mechanically impossible to just fix, so a new roof is needed.

Hail Damage Roof Inspection for Historical Clay Tile
Evanston Clay Roof inspected with 1888 Historical Significance.

The power of a hail storm damage is easily visible in the roof made of Ludowici Clay French Tile.

Evanston Hail Damage for Clay French Tile on Roof

What type of roof damage have you experienced?

“Earlier this year a surprise hail storm tore out clay tiles off our large house and created the need for a new roof. We had over 20 roofing companies pitch the work to repair or replace it.  Ryan Restorations was a recommendation from a neighbor. We are so happy we went with him as he handled the insurance claim, explained things and performed extremely well. His team was remarkable too. They worked hard, finished exactly on the time he estimated and really listened to what we needed. I understand he works 12 months a year because he has the safety equipment to do so. We were lucky to hire Ryan Restorations.”
B McGarvie, Evanston, IL

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