Copper Dormer Roof Repair with self-regulating heat tape


Copper Dormer Roof Repair with self-regulating heat tape

Ryan Restoration is best known as a leading specialized roofer for a new Slate RoofCopper Roof, or Tile Roof.

Our company also provides Roof Repairs as the result of roof damage from a storm, or perhaps normal time degradation, or worse, when you previously had a less experienced roofer work on the first repair.  This particular story shares how we fixed the copper around a dormer after a lot of leaking was detected.

Before Copper Roof Repair for Dormer

We begin with how the Dormer appeared when Ryan Restorations first arrived.  While you may not notice any problems, they were more than visible from the insiding where water was appearing.

Next we show the rotted wood damage.

Copper roof repair has extensive rotted wood
Copper roof repair with close up of rotted wood damage

Our first step was to complete the carpentry.

Copper Roof Repair completed carpentry

Next we show the slate tiles removed, and we waterproof the area with Ice and Water Shield Tar Paper.

Copper Roof Repair with Slate Removed to lay Tar Paper

Copper is almost fully installed. You can see the Copper under the window and the perimeter copper is installed over the eyebrow. And the segmented valley cooper is installed too.

Copper Roof Repair with everything almost fully installed

And when done, you may not know that 8″ of copper is under the roof slate, and 4″ are on the dormer. Here we enjoy getting to show another Quality Roof Repair from Ryan Restorations.

Roof Repair for Copper Dormer in Hinsdale neighboring Glen Ellyn

We also installed 6″ Half Round Copper Gutters above the Dormer on the left since ice came down and damaged the old ones.  One last item to mention is the self-regulating heat tape wire that allows for an escape route when the snow melts, instead of backing up into the house.

Roof Repair for Copper above Dormer and Self-Regulating Heat Tape below

Please contact Ryan Restorations, your neighborhood your Tile Roof Repair, Slate Roof Repair, and Copper Roof Repair specialists today to schedule your appointment for your inspection. Please give us as many details as possible.