Complete Roof Repair in Lake Forest

Ryan Restoration is best known as a leading specialized roofer for a new Slate RoofCopper Roof, or Tile Roof.

Our company also provides Roof Repairs as the result of roof damage from a storm, or perhaps normal time degradation, or worse, when you previously had a less experienced roofer work on the first repair.  This particular story is unbelievable since it would be impossible for anyone to predict what would be found once we removed the roof.

Before Tile and Copper Roof Repair in Lake Forest

Copper detail at the bottom was not tied into the building properly, nor tied into tile properly. Some of the copper was glued, not soldered correctly. We needed to repair the repair, but it would turn out worse than originally thought.   Our clients were new owners that moved in and then immediately noticed leaks, that not even the inspectors noticed.  The original section of the home is on the left, and the addition is on the right. You need to look closely to see the slight difference in tile. We see this type of challenge quite often when people have an addition to a home. But what we found next was rather shocking.

Next we have removed the entire roof.

Removal for Roof Repair

It is impossible to fathom the previous roofing company would put tile over an exposed hole.  Unfortunately there is no way to track down this company, but you can bet they went onto the roof, and regardless of what occurred, they simply covered the hole and moved on.  It’s one of the worse patch jobs we have come across.

Removal for Roof Repair shows exposed hole

We have all the tile removed fixed all the rotted wood and waterproofed it too.

Tile removed with rotted wood fixed and waterproofed for Roof Repair

Now we show the new copper flashing detail.

New copper Flashing Detail for Roof Repair in Lake Forest
New Copper in Place for Roof Repair in Lake Forest

Here we are installing the tile.  You may notice the style, is different and more complicated. It is referred to as Pan & Cover.

Tile being installed for Roof Repair in Lake Forest

And when done, we get to show another Quality Roof Repair from Ryan Restorations.

Roof Repair for Tile and Copper in Lake Forest

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