Spanish Style Repair

Spanish Style Roof Repair

Spanish Style Roof Repair with Like In Kind

Ryan Restorations is unique because we have specialized in the historic restoration of slate roofing,. tile roofing and copper roofing systems since 1999. We also fabricate a wide range of architectural copper ornaments, including finials, dormers, vents, crestings and other decorative roofing elements for historical restoration projects.
While we have some really beautiful new roofs that we can show you, we also wish to show a common problem that our company helps our customers with. The roof on the top picture is how the house looked when we finished our work. But there is more to it, so let’s walk you through a traditional site visit as well as how we proceeded to make the roof better than before.

Our customer was having a leak by the dormer that is to the right of the ladder.

Spanish Roof Tile Repair Ladder On Roof

Ladder On Roof for 1st Visit for Spanish Style Roof

We found the dormer flashings worn out which shows a lot of the damage after we pulled away the tiles. Water was running through on both side of the dormer.

Roof Repair Rotted Wood

Rotted Wood requiring extensive roof repair

Roof Repair with Rotted Wood expanded view

Expanded view for Rotted Wood for roof repair

This next step shows how we clear out the rotted wood then put in new wood. The goal is a Like In Kind replacement which is why we do not use Plywood (since plywood is quick and cheap).

Roof Repair requiring new wood

Rotted Wood replaced with New Wood

Roof Repair not using plywood

Rotted Wood using New Wood as opposed to Plywood

And here is another step that will be covered up once the tile is put in place. First we lay down the Ice & Water Shield provided by Grace (which is a premium brand) and then we cover it with Synthetic Tar Paper (also a premium brand).

Underlayment Shield and Tar Paper for Roof Repair

Underlayment Ice & Water Shield with Synthetic Tar Paper

And this next step is very important too. You have to look very closely to see the red lines that are precisely measured to ensure the tiles are running straight. That is followed where the new work meets up with the original work.

Spanish Tile Roof Repair ensuring replacements lay correctly

Red Lines ensure Roof Repair has Tiles Running Straight

Spanish Tile Roof Repair where new meets original

New Roof Repair meets with Original Roof

And next is a set of pictures showing the finished job. We show the front of the dormer where we run the tile up to the dormer to the custom flashing. Then we show the side detail of the Copper Dormer Flashing. The one that follows is the opposite side also showing Copper Dormer Wall Flashing.

Spanish Tile Copper Dormer Flashing

Spanish Tile runs up to the Copper Flashing of the Dormer

Roofing Tile Copper Dormer Flashing

Copper Flashing for Roof Dormer

Roof Repair with Copper Dormer Flashing

Opposite Side of Roof Dormer with Copper Flashing

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