Front of house with new Tile and Copper Roofing

Ryan Restorations is unique because we have specialized in the historic restoration of slate roofingtile roofing and copper roofing systems since 1999. We also fabricate a wide range of architectural copper ornaments, including finials, dormers, vents, crestings and other decorative roofing elements for historical restoration projects.

We recently put on a New Roof for this Lake Shore Mansion in the historic district of Evanston, IL. Let’s show you some of the intricate details of this project.   The owners had a couple of leaks and other roofers were there before Ryan Restorations came to the scene.   One challenge for our specialty is the problem solving skills.   We have to appear like a detective trying to find missing pieces.  Configurations of these roofs are complex and it can be a guessing game.   Owners need to hear when something needs to be re-roofed and not just caulked up.   It is important since there is so much detail that people cannot see behind line of sight, and some will do improper work since the homeowner will never know it.

In this particular situation there was hail damage the owner did not realize.  About 75% of the tile and 100% of the copper was redone.  All the roofing tiles needed to be removed anyway to get to the copper.

This next image shows an example of a poor design that may not be plainly visible to the untrained eye. The chimney being moved just a little to the left or right would have managed the water better.  Of course we can flash anything in copper to keep the water out, even when a poor design places something inside the valley. 

Evanston Copper Flashing for Chimney
Step copper flashing under the tile and up the chimney

Now we will show a Before and After of the Copper Chimney Flashing.  Also included is us taking a step back to see another copper valley, copper gutters and heavy duty snow guards.   We then include a finished picture so you can see the transition.

Before Copper Chimney Flashing
Evanston Before Copper Chimney Flashing
Evanston After Copper Chimney Flashing
After Copper Chimney Flashing
Evanston Copper Valley, Gutter and Snow Guards
Copper Valley, Gutter and Snow Guards
Evanston New Tile Roof with Copper Valley, Gutter and Snow Guards
New Tile Roof with Copper Valley, Gutter and Snow Guards

Installing a New Tile Roof is no easy task.  There is a lot of planning that goes into all facets of preparation.

New Tile Roofer Installation Process
Tile Roofer Installation Process

This process is as intricate for a Dormer as it is for the Copper Pan, Valley and Ridge.

  Roofer installs Tile for Dormer
Tile Roof for Dormer
Roofer installs Copper Pan, Valleys and Ridge
Copper Pan, Valleys and Ridge

All of the above is the work done by Ryan Restorations.   You will know you are in the most experienced hands when you see our trucks in front of your residence.

Experienced Evanston Roofer for Tile, Slate and Copper