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Evanston Roofer for Roofing Restoration
Historically Correct Evanston Mansion with Roofing Restoration

Evanston is one of the North Shore communities that adjoin Lake Michigan.  In 1851 a group of Methodist business leaders formed Northwestern University on several hundred acres purchased from a local farmer. They hoped their university would attain high standards of intellectual excellence.   These founders submitted a plan for a city named Evanston, after one of their leaders, John Evans. The request was granted in 1857.  It is also known as “Heavenston” due to its strong Methodist influence of its founders.

The city features works of many prominent architects, especially near the lakefront. The largest employer by far is Northwestern University.

Evanston growth was fueled largely by its easy access to rail transit and is still connected to Chicago by the CTA, purple line.

The picture you see on top is a Historically Correct Roof Restoration we completed in Evanston.  The image that follows is also from a Like In Kind Slate and Cooper new roof we completed in Evanston we completed in Like In Kind New Slate and Copper Roof in Evanston.  Both stories are well documented and we encourage you to visit the pages to learn more about our specialty.

Evanston new slate copper roof with lake view
Evanston home gets new slate and copper roof with view of lake

This next project is as unique as it can come.  Come check out the only 100% new Evanston Copper Roof.

This next project is a New Ludowici Tile Roof for a beautiful home in the Lakeshore Historic District.

Evanston new Ludowici tile roof
Evanston Lakeshore Historic District home gets new Ludowici tile roof

We recently put on a New Slate Roof for a home in Evanston, IL.  We had to use Like In Kind Slate in order to ensure the roof maintained its appearance for a Historic District Necessity.  The story too is well documented and we encourage you to also visit the page to learn more.

New Slate Roof in Evanston
New Slate Roof in Evanston Historic District

Locals may see the team from Ryan Restorations at Custards Last Stand or Whole Foods at lunch time.

We recently put on a New Tile Roof in Evanston for a Lake Shore Mansion in the historic district.   We encourage you to check out some of the intricate details of this project.  

Evanston New Tile Roof with Copper Valley, Gutter and Snow Guards
New Tile Roof with Copper Valley, Gutter and Snow Guards

For more information on the area, please visit The City of Evanston website here.

The following Copper Roof restoration in Evanston demonstrates how much experience and art this roofing specialty is.

Ryan Restorations for Cooper & Slate Roof in Evanston
Our company truck from the roof top

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