Evanston new slate copper roof with lake view
Evanston home gets new slate and cooper roof with view of lake

Ryan Restorations is unique because we have specialized in the historic restoration of slate roofingtile roofing and copper roofing systems since 1999. We also fabricate a wide range of architectural copper ornaments, including finials, dormers, vents, crestings and other decorative roofing elements for historical restoration projects.

We recently put on a New Roof for a beautiful home in the lake shore historic district of Evanston, IL. Let’s show you some of the intricate details of this project. One challenge for our specialty is the problem solving skills. We have to appear like a detective trying to find missing pieces.  Configurations of these roofs are complex and it can be a guessing game.  

During some periods in the history of architecture, the roof imparts much of the architectural character. It defines the style and contributes to the building’s aesthetics. 

In this particular situation we already had contact with the owner of this 90 year old Vermont Slate Roof home that was having various leak issues. We were planning on fixing the leaks by reroofing sections, then it got hit by the hailstorm in April 2020.

Now we rise above to get a better look at the craftsmanship of your local historic roofing specialist.  There are just so many details we will show but it is impossible to miss this illustrating how extremely steep the roofs is.

Evanston Top of New Slate & Copper Roof 
Top of new Evanston Slate and Copper Roof

The new roof on this Evanston home is Vermont Slate Like In Kind, in unfading green and purple.

Evanston New Like In Kind Roof 
Like In Kind Evanston Slate and Copper Roof

We take a break from the new pictures to briefly introduce how the roof looked before Ryan Restorations arrived. There was an active leak on the left valley that was not seen, especially from the ground. The tar paper was also failing.

Before Evanston new slate copper roof
Evanston roof before we arrived
Before Evanston new slate copper roof inspection
Preparing to inspecting the old roof

Now we go back to the new Evanston roof where we introduce the inset window wells to the right hand side next to the trees. Just outside of the windows are a flat roof of copper panels soldered together to be water tight. Just to the left of the closest window well you will see barrel shaped dormers (sometimes referred as barrel tops) also all replaced in copper. 

Evanston copper roofing in addition to slate
Flat Copper Roof and Copper Barrel Dormers
Evanston copper roofing close up 
Another view of the copper roofing

And here is some more of the copper roofing as part of the new Evanston roof showing the copper pan that flows to the copper gutters. As we change the view of image you will also see the copper flat roof and copper gutters from the left windows.

Evanston copper roof pan and gutters 
Copper roof pan and gutters
Evanston copper flat roof and gutters 
Copper flat roof and gutters

Here is the back of the house with so many details that are easy to be overlooked. Aluminum gutters are the easiest to notice. Something easy to notice but that cannot be missed is the flat section by the chimney and the little pocket about 3 ft down. That area makes it harder to install the chimney flash. Where the Slate Roofing meets the Cooper Roofing is called transition flashing.  There is also ledge flashing that is all copper too. This is directly to the left and right of the window in the top center. Do you see it? If not, don’t worry since that is the experience Ryan Restorations brings to the relationship!

Evanston new roof from backyard showing copper roofing 
Evanston back of home shows copper features as part of slate roofing project

And now we leave you with a beautiful view of this beautiful new Evanston Like In Kind Slate and Copper Roof.

New Evanston Like In Kind Slate and Copper Roof towards Lake Michigan 
Beautiful New Like In Kind Slate and Copper Roof in Evanston facing Lake Michigan

All of the above is the work done by Ryan Restorations. You will know you are in the most experienced hands when you see our trucks in front of your residence. Contact Ryan Restorations to discuss your roof needs including slate roofing, tile roofing, and copper roofing.

Ryan Restorations Evanston Like In Kind Slate Copper Roof
Experienced Evanston Roofer for Like In Kind Slate and Copper