Evanston new entire copper roof
Evanston home gets new entire copper roof

Ryan Restorations is unique because we have specialized in the historic restoration of slate roofingtile roofing and copper roofing systems since 1999. We also fabricate a wide range of architectural copper ornaments, including finials, dormers, vents, crestings and other decorative roofing elements for historical restoration projects.

We recently put on a New Roof for a beautiful home in the Ridge Historic District of Evanston, IL. The entire roof is copper which was hard for many to fathom when they were walking by and watch us do our work. Let’s show you some of the intricate details of this project.  

In this particular situation we already had contact with the owner when they got hit by the hailstorm in April 2020.

Now we rise above to get a better look at the craftsmanship of your local copper roofing specialist.  There are just so many details we will show but it is impossible to miss this illustrating how extremely steep the roofs is.

Evanston Top of New Entire Copper Roof
Top of New Evanston Copper Roof

The new roof on this Evanston home is complete copper with no better way than to show it from afar and close up.  The copper roofing supplier has been in business since the turn of the century.

Evanston New Complete Copper Roof Close Up
Complete Copper Roof Close Up

We take a break from the new pictures to briefly introduce how bad the roof was impacted from the Hail Storm before Ryan Restorations arrived. 

Before Evanston new copper roof
Evanston copper roof damaged by hail storm

We began by stripping the original copper roof.

Stripping the old Evanston new copper roof
Old copper roof being stripped

Now we are going to introduce you to Ryan Restorations’ mastering the craft of copper roofing.  You can see the gutters, the 1st row of shingles interlocking to the gutter and all tar paper down.  Part of the difficulty of laying this roof is you cannot put your knee on it or it will dent.

New Evanston Copper Roof is difficult to lay
Difficulties of laying new Copper Roof in Evanston

The big gutters are seen better in the second view.

During Evanston new copper roof install
Evanston new copper roof getting started
During Evanston new copper roof gutter angle
Copper roof installation with copper gutter angle

Next we show the exposed dormer, valleys installed, and a perimeter metal installed.  The perimeter metal is a reinforced piece of copper that the copper shingles lock on to. The copper roof is starting to patina since it snowed while we are working. Notice some of the snow left over on the scaffolding.

During Evanston new copper roof dormer exposed
Exposed dormer with valleys installed for copper roof

The dormer roofs were done last. You can see the ridge metal is all done. The plumbing pipe vents, ridge flashings and chimney flashing are all done.

Dormers done last for new copper roof
During Evanston new copper roof dormer done last reverse angle
Reverse angle of new copper roof with dormers done last

Some close ups of the details include the copper plumbing vent soldered to the copper roof and where the ridge meets the roof flashing.

Evanston New Copper Roof Plumbing Vent Close Up
Copper Plumbing Vent
Evanston New Copper Roof Ridge meets Flashing
Copper Roof Ridge meets Flashing

We even worked on the smaller sections such as this little entry roof of the front door.  We show a before and after comparison.

Before Evanston New Copper Roof for Entry Door
Before new Copper Roof for Entry Door
After Evanston New Copper Roof for Entry Door
After New Copper Roof for Entry Door

Now we go back to enjoy the finished new copper roof.  Here we show the garage on the left, gutters, valleys, ridges, chimney flashings, dormer flashings, plumbing pipe vents and the copper roofing nails. Everything is hand nailed.  We also have a close up of the garage where the valley and gutters are more prominent.

Evanston New Copper Roof for Garage
Copper roof for Garage of Evanston Home
Close up of New Copper Roof for Garage
Close up of copper roof

Now we have a full view of the chimney flashing on the left hand side of the front of the house.  Everything is immaculate down to the last details.

Front left side with chimney flashing for Evanston Copper Roof
Chimney flashing of left side of copper roof

With even a closer look we can show the copper shingles interlock with the copper valley. The shingles are custom cut with a 3/4 lip and then locked into the valley.

Evanston Copper Roof shingles interlock with valley
Copper roof shingles interlock with copper valley

Now we go higher to the left to see the entire garage from above exposing all the copper shingles, valleys, gutters and even the chimney flashing.

Copper Roof shingles into valleys gutters and flashing
Above the garage shows all copper roofing

We move closer to see the details of the copper roofing over the two dormers.

Copper Roofing over dormers
Dormers with all copper roofing

This is a light weight roof and it can be placed on any roof.  But putting the technical details aside, one can see why the owners of this home will be enjoying the cosmetic appeal and uniqueness for years to come.  There is no Evanston neighbor who is not aware of this special look created by Ryan Restorations.

Front of Evanston New Copper Roof
Front of Evanston Home with new Copper Roof

Here is one final look at the back of the house with so many details that are easy to be overlooked. Copper gutters, chimney flashing, plumbing vents, ridge copper and concealed fasteners.  Everything is covered up and the entire roof is interlocked. But regardless of where the owners are, from front, to side to the back, they will know they have one beautiful copper roof for years to come. 

Back of Evanston New Copper Roof
Back of Evanston Home with new Copper Roof

All of the above is the work done by Ryan Restorations. You will know you are in the most experienced hands when you see our trucks in front of your residence. Contact Ryan Restorations to discuss your roof needs including slate roofing, tile roofing, and copper roofing.

Ryan Restorations Evanston Copper Roofer
Experienced Evanston Copper Roofer