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Oak Park Slate Copper New Historic Roof Replacement
Front of historic house with new Slate and Copper Roofing

First let us introduce you to our services by showing this beautiful new Oak Park Victorian Home with new Slate and Copper Roof. It has a rich history and we encourage you to see the entire story along with the project video.

Oak Park IL Copper Bay Window RoofThe Oak Park area experienced a population boom following the Chicago fire, along with railroad and trolley car service expanding.

Tile and slate roofs are fire resistant, an important feature versus the traditional wood roofs of the time.

Famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright lived and worked here from his home and studio on Chicago Avenue, which he built with a $5,000 loan from his then employer, Louis Sullivan. Oak Park is home to the largest collection of Wright designed residences in the world.

Oak Park IL Copper Chimney FlashingsRyan Restorations is a member of The Frank Lloyd Wright Trust, which supports education, restoration, and preservation programs. The Prairie style of architecture was born here, thanks to Wright and his underlings, many of whom went on to become substantial architects in their own light. There are 2,400 historic homes miters in Oak Park, and include Prairie school, Craftsman and Queen Anne styles.

We recently put on a New Tile Roof & Copper Gutter on a Front Porch in Oak Park, IL.  We had to use Like In Kind Tile in order to ensure the roof maintained its appearance for a Historic District Necessity. The story is well documented and we encourage you to visit the page to learn more about our specialty.

Tile and Copper Roof in Oak Park

Restored Clay Tile Roofing and Copper Gutter & Flashing for Oak Park Front Porch

It is easy to travel to Oak Park via the Eisenhower Expressway. Learn more about the area by visiting the Village of Oak Park website.

Contact us to see more of our work, including slate roofing, tile roofing, and copper roofing.

“Dan has been taking care of the exterior of our house for almost ten years. He is always professional, prompt and courteous. His knowledge of the exterior of our home gives me the confidence that our home will always be safe from the elements.”
~ Mike, Oak Park, IL