Working with Copper Roofing is a Craft

Copper Roofing is a Specialty Craft

Traditional copper roofing adds elegance, longevity and value to the project. There is no finer roofing material available. And with proper installation, it can last a lifetime.  Deciding on the roofer to install your Copper Roofing should not be taken lightly. It is an art form and specialty craft.  Sure, many will say they can handle any roofing needs – but it simply is not true.  You really want to ensure whomever you work with has the experience to handle all the variables – and there are many!


Copper use by man is traceable back about 60 centuries.  Here is a fun fact: Did you know the Romans are known to have begun the art of working with it? Today, copper roofing goes hand in hand with tile and slate roofing due to its long service life.


A roofer must understand the traditional folding and forming techniques in conjunction with centuries old installation practices.  Copper roofing is most common for interlocking panel flat roofs with soldered seams. This style of copper roofing can conform to many shapes and sizes as required, and a roofer is not always experienced on how to properly install copping roofing.


A roofing specialist needs to be able to work with many ways that copper can be used on a roof.  Copper bay window tops, copper dormer tops, copper pockets, copper valleys, copper wall flashings, copper chimney flashings, copper finials and copper crestings are a sampling of the copper roofing options available.   Make sure your roofer not only talks about these topics, but can prove they really know what they are talking about.


Sometimes Copper Roof Repairs can be required after a storm.   Other times a Copper Valleys and Flashing will be part of a new roof replacement. And rarely will a roofer be able to show off the most unique situation of installing a New Entire Copper Roof.   There is simply no better way than to learn about a roofer’s understanding of copper without really digging into their experience.    The variables are just too much and you do not want to second guess whether someone is talking just to talk, but not able to guarantee the work long after they leave your home.


A true professional is not looking to negotiate based on what the competition is doing, especially if that competition is not building a sustainable business for the long term.  Regardless of the size of the project, especially when smaller, there are still aspects of running a business including scheduling, labor, gas, truck maintenance, travel delays, etc.  We value ourselves sometimes even more than a doctor who has the luxury of eliminating many of these topics when you come to see them, and then you even sit in a waiting room.  In addition to our experience, living up to our promises on a consistent basis creates even more value, for which we expect people to invest a little more.


Our goal is to have your perception of looking for a roofer be transformed into looking for a professional business that provides copper roofing services.  Contact Ryan Restorations to find out for yourself how we have built a reputation for the timeliness, trust, and quality that sets a new standard in roofing work for the areas of Burr RidgeEvanstonHinsdaleLake ForestOak ParkRiver ForestRockford & Wilmette.